A graphic facilitator uses markers, walls and the collective genius of participants to get the most from a workshop or meeting. Having a graphic facilitator at your next brainstorm, workshop or function can help you and your team look at things in a new light.

We use our artistry and awesome listening skills to synthesise the discussion and develop ideas pictorially. Having a visual reference to look at gives your team something to inspire their thinking, get that right side of the brain working… so participants are truly giving their all.

Does your next workshop need some real energy?BigThink

so what’s graphic facilitation anyway?

Graphic facilitation is facilitation made delightful

When running workshops, brainstorms, and planning sessions, your group will be more engaged, on board, share a collective understanding and enjoy true flow with a graphic facilitator in the room.

Graphic facilitation is facilitation made purposeful

Working alongside a facilitator (usually behind and to the left!), the work on the walls creates something tangible for people to reference during the workshop, something to hang their hat on at the end of the day demonstrating what they’ve achieved, and a physical artefact that lends a sense of accountability for follow up after the fact.

Graphic facilitation is facilitation with storytelling

BigThink helps clients achieve better outcomes by creating a visual story while participants’ minds meet. Graphic facilitation is a great way to see teams come together and to foster innovation within your organisation.

Where is graphic facilitation useful?

• Strategy meetings
• Brainstorms
• Planning sessions
• Product and service design
• Speaking Events & keynotes
• Conferences

this is deb

Deb has a passion for great communication, and finds that one of the best ways to make that happen is through what we see. Debbie has worked in the design & communication arena for 20 years, and in the world of graphic facilitation over the past 10.