Our illustration work is often part of what we do during larger projects with a variety of design components.

Our clients come to us with requests for storyboarding concepts for advertising and customer journey mapping. For illustration to flesh out prototyping concepts, or to help visualise aspects of their business as they tell their stories.

Visualising ideas and themes through illustration brings creativity to the commercial world. BigThink

Illustration work

  • NDS
  • A friendly little wizard as part of NDS tool, Workforce Wizard.
  • The client loved the simple illustration, worked with ink on paper, before being taken into Adobe Illustrator for final touches.
  • Make Studios
  • Prototyping illustrations created during a workshop looking at different levels of footy supporters.
  • These illustrations helped visualise the different needs and expectations of our client’s customers, and were used in a ‘deck of cards’ presentation.
  • Gusto stool tags
  • These postcard size tags were incorporating gusto’s brand within an illustration.
  • Each tag was attached to a different stool with cool stencilled messaging.
  • AFL Players
  • Part of a storyboard series looking at the lives of players off the field.
  • Illustrations were created on A3 paper with ink, then taken into Adobe Illustrator for further branding treatment.